Please, please check your Spam Folders guys, I’ve trying to get reference material from some of you, but I’m getting your mails because I use a client, but you guys are sending the same emails “You wanted me to Email you” and I am replying, you’re just not finding them. If you don’t check, I’ll have to move on to the next few projects until you do. You really, really, need to whitelist my address to recieve my mails. I can’t keep people waiting. If I start going out of sequence we’re going to get confused as shit!

Sorry folks I’ve had to close commissions for a bit, for many reasons including my own personal sanity for one. The main reason is to catch up on the commissions pending. These guys have been waiting ages for their commissions and it’s not right me just taking more and more in just to havest the dollars. Along with these I have an ongoing hentai game I’m creating for so it wouldn’t be fair to just to keep promising output and to keep taking your money. If you really want to commission a project, please please please be aware that if I accept it, it won’t be done anytime soon, there’s at least twenty in front of you and I don’t assign special treatment to anyone, everyone has a ticket number and those are the rules. If you’re interested in the game, it’s not mine, but when I get the details, I’ll post it here, it’s a Patreon funded super student futa game which is really awesome and from the demo I’ve played it’s really quite funny — in a fap kind of way. When I get permission I’ll upload some samples.